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Nearly there

Less than 24hours to go and there's plenty of activity on the forums to look at, the games thread is a particularly worth a look.

For everyone who's going, hope you have a good time and look forward to meeting you over the weekend.

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First Draft of Seating Plan up

You can find it here:

We're still waiting on a few people to confirm so this is very much a first draft. If you've got any requests for alterations then post them on the forums

Alternatively send us an email

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Seating Plan


Seating plan underway

The numbers keep changing but we're hoping to get a first draft of the seating plan out by tomorrow

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Venue Confirmed

After much beard stroking (we went and bought one) we've decided to stick with the rugby club as the venue for MMLan13.

Full details are on the forums:

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Issues with venue's net connection

Full Details are up here:

Essentially the net connection we were going to use for MMLan13 has developed a fault and we're not confident about it being fixed intime for the Lan. We have the possbility of moving the Lan to a different venue (the one we used for MMLan8) but we want to know what people think before we make a decision.

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20 Signed up

We're upto 20 people signed up. The limit is 34, after which it starts to get a bit cosy!

Plenty of time to go but worth getting signed up if you're thinking of coming.

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MMLan13 Signups are Open

Thanks for being patient everyone.

Head to the lan pages to signup and for all things lan.

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