What You Need

What you need

• Your computer and peripherals: only try to bring these if you own them in the first place...

• Base unit with installed Network Card (see section below)

• Monitor

• Keyboard

• Mouse

• Joystick

• Headphones (NOTE: No speakers are permitted at MMlan events)

• Mains adaptor (Preferably with surge protection) - enough for your PC & monitor

• Game CD's

• System CD's (in case something dreadful happens and you need to reformat/reinstall)

• Bedding: If sleeping indoors we advise that you have a single sized camp bed, inflatable mattress or roll mat along with a sleeping bag and a pillow. There's room outside for camping if you preffer a bit more peace and quiet.

• Munchies: an absolute must.

Network Cards

You'll almost certainly already have a network card in your pc but if you don't, you will need to purchase one. You can do this in all good computer stores, and the price depends both on the type and quality of the card. There are two types that are compatible with our networks (and virtually all other LAN parties organised).

We recommend that you purchase a 100Base-TX (100Mbps) or ideally a 1000Base-TX (1000Mbps) network card.